Voice drop

Need to send out a communication to 10000 people within a short span of time? DSNL Voice Drop enables you to record short messages and deliver it to thousands of people within seconds.

At DSNL, we ensure that your communication reaches across all your message recipients within the stipulated time. Call completion is high priority and so is feedback. Delivery reports are made available to help you assess the effectiveness of the campaign.

How does Voice Drop work?

Voice Drop uses an 'advanced dialing technology' to get your message across to a large audience. Find out how.

Why do you need Voice Drop?
  • Custom reports to evaluate effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Automated re-blasts to users who could not be reached at the first instance
  • Voice message delivery executed by DSNL’s robust Qmulus technology platform.
  • Create voice recordings of any length (5 seconds to 1 hour) to be sent as a voice message
How can you make the most of Voice Drop?

Voice drop helps you communicate at ease. A few instances when you can use voice drop are:

  • One-way voice intimation to convey sales targets
  • Emergency notifications during a crisis
  • Conference and meeting reminders
  • Opinion poll with a large audience
  • Season's greetings during special occasions

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