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Voice Drop Services

Say Hello to Millions.

It’s New Year. You have a special promotion offer that will knock out the competition. You have a list of the telephone numbers of 5 Lakh loyal customers, and you want to tell them about the promotion offer in a cost-effective way.

DSNL’s Voice Drop Service allows you to record a short message. We then initiate a “Voice Drop”, where recipients are dialed in rapid succession, and the recorded message is played to them. We make a specified number of attempts to reach callers who cannot be reached the first time, to ensure a high call-completion ratio. You get the feedback to assess the effectiveness of the campaign, and scrub your list for the next time around.

DSNL’s voice drop services can be used for

  • Announcing product launches or marketing campaigns

  • Sending emergency notifications

  • Communicating market updates

  • Sending personalized invitations

  • Greetings during festive seasons

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