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Qmulus100, is the next generation Command, Control & Conferencing (C3) platform designed and developed by DSNL and its sister concern Telekonnectors Ltd. Based on a Very Large Integrated Communications Cloud (VLICC) architecture, Qmulus100 is integrated with all major telecom providers (Airtel, Vodafone, Tata, Reliance, BSNL). Today the platform serves thousands of customers for many of their C3 needs.

  • Qmulus100serves as a full feature audio conferencing, mass communications and mass notification platform
  • It can scale up to hundreds of thousands of ports and can be deployed across multiple locations for optimized traffic routing
  • Dialling capability of 10,000 numbers in 7 minutes
  • Unique platform that uses a distributed cloud-based design for scalability, fault-tolerance
  • Centralized operator support and platform management capability
  • Modular Architecture which allows for sectional intervention
  • Advanced provisioning and billing modules
  • Extensive set of configurable DTMF commands for conference control
  • Flexible platform offers the following applications –
    • Dial-in, Dial-out Conferencing for large number of conferees
    • Information Dissemination & Response Collection
    • Special services such as voice-drop with opinion poll
    • Stadium Calls & Lectures
    • One to Many Calling
    • Emergency Notification & Call Tree management
  • Fully developed in-house with no reliance on third party packages or APIs
  • Complies with the highest telecom and networking standards
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