Audio Conference Services

Audio conference services from DSNL offer clear, high quality audio with 24/7 support. Conferences can be accessed through a wide range of domestic and international toll and toll free access numbers. Conference services that are simple, feature rich and convenient, available for any size, at any time, from anywhere.

How does this work?

Dial in conference

Step 1

Dial the access number

Step 2

The chairperson enters the conference with his exclusive PIN number to moderate the conference. The participants enter their PIN number. They listen to hold music till the chairperson enters the conference call.

Step 3

Join the conference call. All participants can speak and listen to everyone else on the conference call.

Dial out conference

Step 1

Send a list of participants (to be dialled out) to customer care.

Step 2

Receive confirmation email from customer care

Step 3

Circulate the time and date of call to all participants

Step 4

Receive the call at the designated time to participate in the conference call

Experience superior conferencing from DSNL
  • Reservation-less conferencing. No prior booking required
  • Quick conference confirmation by booking on Outlook and Google Calendar
  • 24/7, live, conference assistance for every call
  • Global access numbers for International participants
  • Powered by Qmulus100 technology platform for high reliability
  • Instant post call summary
  • Added security with one-time PIN access
  • Feature-rich and secure, with options to control the conference from the keypad (Mute, Lock, Record, Q &A, Count participant)
  • Instant conference booking and advanced conference control using the web console

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