Investor Relation calls

Investor Relation (IR) calls are highly structured event calls, organised with impeccable call quality and professional mastery. DSNL offers superior IR Call services with the best in-house IR specialists to ensure you have a smooth conference experience.

  IR Calls
Mode Dial in & Dial out
Use Case Investor Calls, Lectures, Discourses
User group Analysts/Investors/stakeholders
Access Features Optional Chairperson dialoutDial out the chairperson if required
Special access for dial inUnique access numbers only for the call
Selective access (white/black)Exclude /include participant from joining the call
Direct PINless Entry/Dedicated AccessEnter the call with just a phone number
Productivity Web console  View conference on-line
RecordingRecord the call on the bridge
Email, SMS and Voice Drop remindersReminders to participants and chairpersons via e-mail , SMS and voice drop
Webinar & Document SharingShare presentations, charts and plans via the internet
Audio Link Recording for all calls; to be sent within 2 hoursDownload audio of the call via web link
Managed services Pre-conference facilityPrivate conference room for pre-conference discussions
Call Confirmation within 1hourReceive a call confirmation within an hour
CLI list based ushering  Join the call directly by pre-registering name and phone number
Dedicated Operator AssistanceOn-call operator assistance exclusive to CP/cordinator
Customisation Theme Music for Hold TimePlay respective company's jingle before start of the call
Welcome MessagePersonalised welcome message with company's brand name
Branded Call InvitePersonalised invite for the call with company's branding
Conference scriptingOpening script with introduction about the speakers on the call and instructions for the call
Tracking Attendance reportList of names and phone numbers who participated in the call
ARN based attendance report Attendance report generated based on unique identification number entered
Support & Security 24/7, live support Seek operator's assistance by dialling *0 during the call
Additional Paid Features Town-Halls/large party calls & AGM/IR Calls
Transcription within 24 hours (Per line)
Two Way Adapter (Per day)
Channel Playback (Per min per participant)
Polling Services (Per participant)
What makes us the IR Call expert
Packed with impressive features, DSNL's IR Conference services offer you:
  • Special access numbers: Choose a special number that gives you exclusive access to your IR Call.
  • Secure event PINs:Maintain confidentiality of your meeting by creating event-specific PINs.
  • Dedicated IR Specialist: Dedicated conference specialists to look into the smallest of conference details and maintain seamlessness.
  • Pre-conference facility: A separate virtual room to discuss key pointers of your conference with team members before the conference.
  • Selective exclusion: Block specific people from your IR call to maintain call security.
  • Personalized introduction: Introduce the speaker and participants before commencing the conference.
  • Customized IR Call: Use custom music or branded company jingle to welcome your conference attendees.
  • Call back services: Get special call back services for analysts listed in the database.
  • Online chat facility: Convey special instructions to the IR specialist over a private web chat during the live call
  • Q&A session: Conduct an effective Q & A with the help of an IR specialist.
  • Call recording: Record the conference discussion for future use or playback. Retrieve the recording on CD, FTP or get an email link to download on your computer.
  • Call transcription: Get your call transcribed in English or Hindi within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Continuous monitoring: Monitor your IR Call using our web console and with the help of an IR specialist.
  • Custom reports:Receive conference attendance report within minutes after the IR call has ended.
When do you conduct an IR Call?

Investor relations calls are conducted to discuss quarterly earnings, financial updates, and investment planning with financial analysts, investors, fund managers, and portfolio analysts. Other instances of event calls which will require a structured call flow and professional moderator assistance are

  • Annual general meetings
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual review meeting
  • Corporate announcements
  • HR communications
  • Press meetings
  • Training session
How does an IR Call work?
Step 1

The Chairperson (CP) is the main speaker for the conference. The participants (P1,P2,P3,P4) and the Chairperson join the conference using special access numbers which are exclusive for your IR Call.

Step 2

The IR Call specialist from DSNL welcomes and registers the participants in a virtual registration room.

Step 3

In the pre-conference, the IR Call Specialist checks the audio, connects the Chairperson (CP1, CP2, CP3) and reconfirms the script and call flow.

Step 4

The call begins on a lecture mode with the chairperson and the participants in the conference.

All IR calls are recorded and has a professional dedicated IR Call specialist for continuous support throughout the call. English and Hindi transcription services are provided on request.

Take your event calls to new level with our superior technology and best-in-class conference specialists.

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