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Web Conferencing to India

With International projects contributing to a significant part of business, companies in the IT segment require constant communication with onshore and offshore offices for project updates and business discussions. This makes audio conferencing the most sought-after remote collaboration solution for most corporates today.

Remote collaboration solution for IT
  • International access numbers for over 60 countries around the world for global attendees.
  • International Bridge Connect Solution to connect to an global conference using a local number
  • MultiCall for instant conferencing


With most manufacturing units being located at remote destinations, communication with teams across offices becomes a challenge. Travel to multiple sites and coordinating with teams across locations increase travel cost and consume time, resulting in loss of overall productivity.

Remote collaboration solution for Manufacturing

Audio conference services help in connecting multiple people located in diverse geographic locations over a single conference call. In short, conferencing cuts down the complexity of managing a decentralised work force. Conference services can be used for

  • Ongoing training activities with internal teams
  • Daily reviews with site engineers, project managers, contractors, channel partners, service delivery units, etc.
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving through instant conference calls

Direct marketing

Communicating with a large number of direct marketing associates over wide geographical segments is critical to the success of any Direct marketing company. Communication to 1000s of people at the same time is a challenge as far as conventional telecommunication system is concerned.

Large party calls from DSNL enable communication to 1000s of participants at the same time. Conferences can be recorded and hosted for listening into later. Conferences conducted and recorded in the past as part of a training programme can be re-used for future calls as well. Conferencing can be used for

Solutions for Direct marketing companies
  • Voice drop to convey product and target updates
  • Large party calls with 1000s of participants for training and product promotion
  • Centralised automated system to convey distributor points
  • Call hosting to allow users to listen to a recorded conference


Conferencing is of immense value to the BFSI segment, considering their spread of offices and diverse teams of insurance agents, contract professionals and consultants. Regular interaction between all the stakeholders is of utmost importance to maintain a uniform and consistent communication flow.

Conference solution
BSFI companies can utilise conference services for the following
  • Conduct daily market calls with investors and share holders
  • Convey product updates, policy upgrades and information on premium collection using voice drop
  • Conduct daily, weekly, and monthly calls with regional sales offices
  • Engage in brainstorming and business planning using organised event calls
  • Organise employee interaction sessions using large party calls

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