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Featured Add Ons
Ensuring the best meeting experience.

DSNL is dedicated to providing you with the best possible conferencing experience with add-on services such as:

24/7 365 days live in-conference operator assistance

If you have an important event call which requires flawless execution, choose for a dedicated operator assistance. This extra service can go a long way in enabling smooth execution and keeps the meeting productivity at its peak.

You need dedicated operator assistance if you have requirements like

  • High profile calls with company officials, CXO’s and IR Calls with financial analysts.

  • A large party event call with over 150 participants

  • A discussion with question and answer session

  • Activate lecture mode with mute and unmute options

  • Conferences with lecture and interactive session where participants need to join and re-join at regular intervals.

Our dedicated operators have been trained extensively for professional communication skills, industry specific conferencing requirements, and instant problem solving and incident management. Most importantly, they understand the role they play in making your conference a resounding success.

To experience the advantages of a dedicated operator assisted conference call,, to request for a free demo today.

DTMF Commands

DSNL offers you the convenience of DTMF commands which are essentially one-touch commands that you can enter through the keypad of the phone to control and enhance the conferencing experience.