• 1. What equipment do I require to access your service?
    For best results, you should use a touch-tone telephone (one that operates in TONE mode). Nowadays, most corporate telephones and all mobiles operate in this mode.
  • 2. What is Dial - Out & Dial - In?
    Dial-Out is where a participant or chairperson is dialled by the Operator and then placed in the conference. Dial-In is where the participants or chairperson enter the conference by dialling the given access number and entering their PIN.
  • 3. How many people can I speak to at a time in an audio conference?
    We have the capacity to handle over 1,000 simultaneous callers in a single conference. However, like in-person meetings, conferences are generally conducted with around 10 participants. In larger meetings, it is recommended that the conference is conducted in Lecture mode (Except the Chairperson, all other participants are muted) or Panel model (a few selected participants can speak, all the others are muted). Press *0 to reach an operator, who can help you manage such larger conferences.
  • 4. What is a PIN or Passcode?
    A PIN is a number that helps authenticate participants to a conference. A separate PIN is given to a Chairperson (that lets him/her use special commands) and a common PIN is given to all other participants in a conference.
  • 5. Who is chairperson?
    A participant could be anyone invited by the Chairperson to participate in the conference. Participants access the conference line by entering their Participant PIN, which is given to them by the Chairperson, with the invitation.
  • 6. Who are participants?
    A participant could be anyone invited by the Chairperson to participate in the conference. Participants access the conference line by entering their Participant PIN, which is given to them by the Chairperson, with the invitation.
  • 7. What is a Command?
    The Chairperson can control various features of the conference such as the ability to mute all participants, dial out a participant, listen to the conference roster, switch between different modes of the conference, record the conference and end the conference. This is done by pressing * followed by a number on the Chairperson’s touch-tone phone keypad. The buttons on the keypad emit a unique tone (called a DTMF = Dual Tone Multi Frequency Command). Our platform recognizes these tones and performs the corresponding action.
  • 8. How can I get assistance during a conference?
    At any time on our platform, just press *0 to reach an Operator for assistance. If your conference is locked, you may have to unlock it before an Operator can join you.
  • 9. How do I mute and un-mute my line during a call?
    Press *6 to mute your line during a call. To unmute your line, press *6 again.
  • 10. Can the chairperson end the call?
    Yes, at any time, the Chairperson can press *98 to end the conference.
  • 11. How can I change the conference to lecture or listen-only mode?
    Only the Chairperson can change the mode of the call. Press *5 to change the mode to Lecture mode. The system will play a tone and then place all participant lines (except the Chairperson ’s line) into listen-only mode. To return to interactive mode, the Chairperson can press * 5 again. The operator (press *0) can also switch your call to Panel Mode, whereby a few different participants can speak, while all others are muted.
  • 12. What can I do if there is noise in my conference?
    Noise in the conference can come from a variety of sources. Cell phones, noisy backgrounds and speaker phones are common reasons. Here are some strategies to solve noise issues:
    Ask participants who are not speaking to press *6 to mute their line. To un-mute, they can press *6 again. This is especially useful for participants on cell phones or other noisy lines that may be disruptive to the meeting.
    If using a speakerphone, ensure it is located in a quiet location. If you are using a projector, ensure the speakerphone is kept as far away from the projector as possible to prevent fan noise from disturbing the call. Mute the speakerphone when you are not speaking.
    Mute all participants by switching to Lecture Mode (*5). Only the chairperson will remain unmuted. This is useful for large meetings or broadcasts. Press *5 to return to Normal mode.
    Press *0 to speak to an Operator. The operator will diagnose the line that is causing the problem and suggest corrective action to ensure a successful meeting.
  • 13. What should be done to avoid echoing in the conference call?
    1. Make sure that none of callers are using three-way calling to join the conference.
    2. Ask participants to dial in from a land line rather than a cell phone
    3. Ask participants to turn off their speakerphone and pick up the handset
    4. Ask participants to stop using a hands-free device such as a Bluetooth headset or Wired Headset.
    5. If an echo occurs only when a particular participant speaks, that individual should hang up and reconnect.
    6. If the echo persists, press *0 and ask an Operator to assist you.
  • 14. When I enter my PIN, why does it say “Invalid security code”?
    Here are some possible reasons this might be happening: You have entered a wrong PIN. Try again with the correct PIN. You forgot to press “#” after entering your PIN. Re-enter your PIN with a “#” at the end. You may have dialled the digits too late. The system waits for 15 seconds to record your PIN. If you haven’t entered the entire PIN within that time, it will give you this message You have entered the conference too early - conference rooms are activated only 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. Dial back at the correct time. You are trying to enter the conference after the scheduled duration is over. For example, you have dialled into a 30-minute conference more than 30 minutes after the scheduled time. While participants who are already in the conference can continue even after the scheduled end-time, the conference PIN expires and hence a new participant cannot automatically enter the conference. Hold the line for an operator, provide him/her your PIN, and ask to be connected to your call. You are using a phone on "pulse" mode and not on "tone" mode. The system is not able to recognize the digits dialled by you. To correct this, change your phone to tone mode - typically this is done by a toggle switch in your phone or by pressing "*" in the phone, depending on the phone type. If you cannot do this, wait for an operator, give him/her your PIN, and ask to be connected to the call.
  • 15. What if a person is disconnected during the conference, how does he get back to the conference?
    If a dial-in Participant or Chairperson gets disconnected during a conference, he/she can re-join the conference by dialling the given access number and entering his PIN. If the scheduled end-time of the conference has passed, then his/her PIN would have expired, and he/she will have to ask an Operator to connect him in the conference. If a dial-out Participant or Chairperson gets disconnected during a conference, any of the other participants in the conference should press *0, reach an operator, and ask him/her to reconnect the person who was dropped.
  • 16. Is it possible for participants to continue the conference even after Chairperson has left the conference?
    Yes. To prevent misuse, we recommend that the Chairperson presses *98 at the end of the conference
  • 17. Is it possible for participants to start the conference even before Chairperson enters the conference?
    To prevent misuse, by default, a conference is normally set to play Music till the Chairperson joins. However, if you would like to allow participants to begin without the Chairperson joining, you can request this at the time of reserving your conference.
  • 18. Can we increase the number of participants at the last moment? And how many participants can we include?
    Yes, you can increase the number of participants at any time, subject to line (port) availability. While the number of participants can vary from 5 to over 1,000, for calls larger than 100 participants, we recommend scheduling it in advance so that we can make special arrangements to ensure the conference goes smoothly.
  • 19. Will conference abruptly end at the stipulated or specific time?
    No, as long as you at least one party remains connected to the call, the conference is automatically extended beyond the end time.

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