Express conferencing

Conference instantly at will, with your team, family and friends at any time and for any duration

We provide you a set of reservation-less pins that can be used at any time and for any duration till your discussion is complete. Get a set of reservation-less pin while you register with us or through the web-console

You can view your conference on the web-console and have an attendance sent to your e-mail address once the conference has ended.

Dial back in to the call you were connected to immediately through auto-re-join.

Take advantage of the 24/7, live support & periodic monitoring of your conference, experiencing hazel free quick conferencing.

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ModeLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Dial in Dial Out
Users Max 10 participantsTotal participants including chairperson
Purpose Quick Conferencing Conference instantly at will
User group Managers/Team leads/Friends and Families Only permanent, reservation less PIN users
Quick access
Demand PIN; no booking required Permanent, reservation less PIN, valid till deactivation.
  Auto Rejoin Join the call by dialling the number you got the call from.
Productivity Instant Scheduler and Calendar updates Instant call scheduling with PIN provide/ calendar invites to participants
Managed services None
Web Console View conference on-line
Attendance Notification on email Get a list of number who joined the conference
Support & Security Customer Service Toll Number Reach us for assistance
Additional Paid Features
Document Sharing (Per min per participant)
Recording (Per recording)
Transcription (Per line)
Channel Playback (Per min per participant)
Post pin Welcome message (Per call)
*won’t be available when used on Multi call

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