Executive conferencing

Conduct reviews, discussions, follow-up meetings …etc through executive conferencing.

Make your reservations in advance, through the web-console, MS outlook, google calendar or by e-mailing Customercare etc, up to 50 party calls with instantaneous conformation.

With access to toll and toll-free access numbers for 160 countries around the world. This package includes chair awaiting music till the chairperson joins the conference, with a name recognition feature to a pre-loaded list of names and numbers and attendance reports.

Take advantage of the 24/7, live support & periodic monitoring of your conferences.

Gatherings Meetings
Mode Dial-in Dial-out
Definition Review and follow up meetings
User group Managers/Team leads
Quick access
Optional Chairperson dial outChairpersons dial out on request Auto re-join Join the call by dialling the number you got the call from
Participants Dial-inParticipant dial allotted access and PIN to join the conference  
Special Access (upto 2 carriers) Choose a special access numbers from 2 different telecom networks for seamless connectivity  
One-time/Recurring PINs/Demand PINs (<10 participants) Conduct conference calls of your choice
Productivity tool
Side bar conference
Conference Scheduler - MS Outlook, Lotus Notes and Google Calendar (50 party calls - instantaneous confirmation) Instant call booking/scheduling
Email Bookings E-mail customer care to book calls
Toll and Toll Free Access in 160 countries Toll & toll free numbers of 160 different countries to connect participants to the bridge  
Post Pin Corporate Welocme Music Personalised welcome message with company's brand name
Chair Awaiting Music Hold music till the host joins the conference
Web Console View and control the conference on-line
List based name recognition& Attendance report Participant name pop-up, base on list of name and phone numbers already shared
Support & Security 24/7, live support & periodic monitoring Seek operator's assistance by dialling *0 during the call
Additional Paid Features
Recording (Per recording)
Transcription (Per line)
Dedicated Operator (Per 30 min)
Polling Services (Per participant)
SMS and Email Reminders (Per SMS)
Channel Playback (Per min per person)
Document Sharing (Per min per person)
Additional carrier access Account level feature(Per carrier per month)  
Dedicated Access #Account Level Feature(Per month per number)  

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