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Manage healthy work-life balance.

‘Flex-working’ is the new buzzword today where boundaries between office and home are blurring. With businesses flourishing and digital nomads travelling across the globe, maintaining a healthy work life balance is the key to a successful career.

Communication between multiple offices across geographies and time zones can result in higher telecom expenses and stressful work life schedule for the employees. DSNL presents a cost effective solution which helps employees to conduct international conference calls from the comfort of their homes.

Proxy bridge services enable you to

  • Exercise greater cost control – Employees can participate in conference calls with their global counterparts thereby lowering overheads and increasing savings in operating expenses.

  • Improve employee productivity – Employees do not have to spend extra hours after work which can have an adverse impact on their productivity. They are empowered to balance work life to meet personal and professional obligations.

  • Transparency in billing – Take advantage of the single invoice billing with absolutely zero hidden charges.

  • Reduce fraudulent activity – A boon to the administration personnels, the proxy bridge services will help in tracking usage for verification and validation of International conference calls.

  • Increase talent pool – The organization need not emphasize on proximity while choose the right candidate for a specific role. This results in companies recruiting and retaining employees for their professional credentials regardless of their location preferences.

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