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At DSNL, we strive to ensure you have the best conferencing experience.

DSNL offers live, 24/7, in-conference assistance for all conferences. Our helpdesk is managed by a team of well trained and experienced professionals.

Manage conferences that are most vital to you by opting for a dedicated operator. This ensures smooth execution of the call, keeping participation at its peak and helping you set the right impression.

When do you need dedicated operator assistance?
  • High profile calls that involve CXOs and senior management
  • IR calls with financial analysts and investors
  • Event calls with more than 150 participants
  • Discussions that require a question and answer session
  • Conferences that require effective control options such as muting or unmuting specific participants
  • Conferences with lectures and interactive sessions where a participant might need to join or rejoin at regular intervals

DSNL's dedicated operators are trained extensively to manage highly structured conference calls. They are trained on incident management and are specialised in conference troubleshooting. But most importantly, they understand the role they need to play in making your conference a success.

To know more about the advantages of dedicated operator assistance, contact us for a FREE demo today.

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