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Investor Relations Calls

Staying connected to the investment community with periodic financial information and earnings is more critical than ever. With so much riding on your high profile IR program, you just can’t leave anything to chance.

Irrespective of the size of your audience, we ensure your stakeholders can remain securely connected over a single call with the help of our team of dedicated conferencing experts.

Key Features

  • Secure event PINs – These PINs help to secure the confidentiality of the calls and keep the calls private.

  • Dedicated conference specialist – Our expert conference specialist will usher the participants and hand hold the session whenever required.

  • Pre Conference facility – Discuss the key pointers for the conference with the event manager and key personnel a few minutes before the actual conference in a separate virtual conference room.

  • Personalized Introduction – Introduce the speaker and the participants to the audience in the call.

  • Q & A Session – Participants can enter a queue via DTMF Command and be introduced by the event manager to ask questions to the chairperson.

  • Call Recording – The conference call can be recorded and hosted as a playback file on request. The recorded file shall be sent to the customer in a CD/via email/FTP or as a hosted file.

  • Call transcription – The entire conference call can be transcribed as a document and delivered within 48 hours (business days).

  • On-line chat facility – Chat facility available to event manager to convey instructions to the DSNL conference specialist without having to disrupt the call.

, to request for a IR Call demo today.

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