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Audio Conference Services


Most businesses today are not localized and communication between personnel located across the globe is critical. DSNL specializes in providing the best-in-class audio conferencing solutions for all remote collaboration requirements.

DSNL offers reservation-less (Demand PIN) conferencing and dial out conferencing which are easy to use and ensure quick connectivity. We also provide customized solutions to suit your specific telecommunication requirements. DSNL guarantees high quality services without interruptions to ensure seamless communication between colleagues, employees or high level personnel to ensure effective meetings in real time. The range of solutions we offer includes-

Everyday meetings (Reservation-less conferences)

Empower your business with the capability to conduct instant conferences at any time with DSNL’s reservation-less (Demand PINs). These are permanent PINs and can be used any number of times without prior bookings. All you need to do is dial the specific access number and enter the PIN to start a conference.

The participants and audience can dial in to conference at the same time using the conference credentials.

  • Can conduct meetings in an instant connecting up to 25 participants.
  • 24/7 live in-conference support by clicking *0 during the call.
  • Reservation-less conferences does not require advance booking and scheduling. Reservation - less (Demand PINS) can be used unlimited number of times.
  • Immediate post call summary can be sent after the call.

Use Cases
  • Regular review calls within or between teams
  • Calls that need to be organized on a short notice.
  • Calls that are restricted to colleagues/partners.
  • Calls involving senior managers that require no change of PINs.
  • Following up after live meetings

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Event Calls - Operator Assisted

Event calls are professionally managed, scheduled calls used by top C level executives, stakeholders, investors and financial analysts etc. These calls are a combination of dial in and dial out where the Chairperson and the participants can be dialled in or dialled out. These calls can also be recorded and transcribed as per your requirements..

  • Pre-conference facility to prepare for the call.
  • Dedicated conference professional to help with connecting participants, conducting Q & A sessions, mute, un-mute participants etc.
  • Set reminders prior to the call
  • Branding the call and name addressal system on request.

Use Cases
  • High profile Earnings calls
  • Recruitment calls
  • Lead generation campaign
  • Product launch/ product introduction
  • Training and town hall session

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Scheduled conferencing

DSNL’s scheduled conferencing services empower you to conduct hassle free conference calls by making an advance reservation. Reservation services are available through our web console, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and through our 24/7 customer support services on email request.

  • Reserving the call makes the conferencing experience secure and reliable.
  • PINs allocated for the call cannot be used after the event, ensuring security for future calls.
  • Opt for operator assistance by clicking *0 any time during the call
  • Take advantage of our set of DTMF Commands to manage the conference effortlessly.

Use Cases
  • Conduct agency meetings
  • Announcing department updates
  • Conduct sales presentations and channel sales reviews
  • Announcing a product launch
  • Conduct calls with suppliers and vendors
  • Conduct project reviews with external stake holders
  • Conduct any calls with more than 25 participants

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Recurring Conferences

DSNL provides recurring conference service which helps you book calls which occur at regular intervals, repeatedly. These calls can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis and the PINs allocated for these calls are valid only during the set time and date. This service saves you the effort of making prior reservations while providing the same amount of reliability and security.

  • Reservation not required every time a call is booked. The system automatically allows conferences at the preset date/time.

Use Cases
  • Periodic reviews with Sales/Projects/Manufacturing/Support teams.

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