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Blast Dial Services

Consider a scenario when time is a premium and you have list of 200 participants to be connected over a quick conference call. Blast dial service works just right for you.

Send a list of participants to DSNL Customer support team to dial them out for you. The blast dial service connects the participants to a conference at the rate of 8 participant per second. This is an ideal solution for mass communication wherein a large list of people can be brought into conference within minutes. In case of disconnection due to network issues,the system can be configured to allow the participant rejoin, by dialling the number from which they received the call. without entering the PIN.

Blast dial service can be conducted in cases like

  • Financial updates and market calls to investors and share brokers.

  • Notification to over 1000s of customers

  • Updates to over 100s of stockists and vendors

  • Emergency updates to business managers and decision makers.

  • Updates to over 10 regional offices/factories/branches.

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