Conferencing Etiquette


  • Guidelines while speaking
    • Speak slowly and clearly. It is important to slow down the speech rate as you are not facing the person before you.
    • State your name before speaking. There may be participants in the call who may not recognize your voice.
    • When asking a question, name the person to whom your question is directed
    • Keep background noise to the minimum when speaking.
  • Your phone
    • If you are using a mobile phone, please ensure you use a touch-tone (tone dialling) telephone.
    • Avoid using parallel line for a conference.
    • While using a mobile phone, ensure you are in an area of strong signal reception.
    • If you are using a landline, turn all GSM phones “off” or keep them far away from your land line to avoid GSM signal interference.
    • Check your battery charge level before the conference.
  • Using Commands
    • It is normally suggested that all participants mute their lines when they are not talking (this will reduce noise levels in the conference). A line can be Muted by pressing *6.
    • Enter the commands gently but firmly.
  • Planning your conference
    • During festive periods like Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Sankaranti, etc, plan your call in advance to reduce the possibility of call / line / network congestion.
    • Please keep in mind the holidays and festive dates of other countries as well. Sometimes the calls do not get through during important days due to festivities and holidays overseas.


  • Guidelines
    • During a conference call, do not carry on a side conversation with your lines un-muted. You can mute your line by pressing *6.
    • During a conference call, do not put your phone on hold, as it may play an “on hold” message or music, disturbing other participants in the conference.
    • Use the self mute option *6 if you are going to be in an area of high background noise, such as a mall, on the street, or in traffic.
    • Do not enter the touch-tone commands from your telephone keypad slowly, as they may register as a double-entry, and not have the desired result.
    • The phone you are using for the conference should be kept clear of any other electronic equipment to optimize clarity.
    • While in a conference call, avoid sitting directly under a fan or Air Conditioner as it adds to noise during the call.

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