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DSNL has partnered with Citrix to bring World-Class Web Conferencing to India. Citrix’s Web Conferencing service is offered in two types -- GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar.

GoToMeeting includes a comprehensive web-based administration module, which allows you to manage everything locally - like creating id’s, deleting, monitoring, generating reports… It integrates seamlessly with Exchange or Lotus clients and MS Office applications which make it easy to launch or attend meetings from the toolbars of MS Outlook, Lotus Notes or MS Office. GoToMeeting has patented bandwidth adaptive compression technology which will sense the internet connectivity on the attendees system and alter the resolution of the presenter screen for each attendee accordingly. This means that all meeting participants will be kept up to date at the same rate in the meeting.

GoToWebinars are similar but are conducted on a larger scale with up to 1000 simultaneous participants.

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"We have been using your service for the past 4-5 years. Service is excellent. Compared to our competitors I find yours the best, Quality-wise and price wise. I hope to continue the same service at all times."

-VP Sales, India's best large cap Mutual fund Company

"We have done lot of conferencing in the past 4-5 years and so far we have not faced any issues. Conference facility has excellent quality and the support from DSNL is amazing.”

-Research Analyst, India's leading growth equity fund

"You are the best and I have no issue"

-GM, sales, World's leading provider of business software

“Your conferencing services are very user friendly, and are always dependable, and are more than competitive within the current markets."

-CXO, Software Giant

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