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Enterprise bridge solution is designed to reduce your overall telecom expenditure, enhance security of calls and provide assured services to the users.

Powered by Qmulus100, the Next Generation Audio Conferencing platform, DSNL's Enterprise Bridge solution is configured, customised and dimensioned to suit customer's communications requirements. While offering industry-leading conferencing services, the solutions also facilitate extraordinary cost savings by making optimal use of the customer's telecom resources, with CUG or preferential rate plans.

DSNL's Enterprise Bridge solution is designed minimise the complexity associated with managing a full-fledged internal conferencing system. With a range of flexible CapEx and OpEx optimised options, assured 24x7 support, and transparent costing models, DSNL's Enterprise Bridge is an attractive solution for corporates looking for a hassle-free conferencing experience.

Implementation options include
  • On-Premise (Dedicated bridge located in customer's premises)
  • Co-Located (Dedicated bridge located in DSNL's Data Centre)
  • Hosted (Reservation of required ports within DSNL's infrastructure)

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