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A Securities Company’s Research Head needs to reach hundreds of High Net-worth Individuals urgently to convey breaking market news. An IT Company’s Chairman wants to conduct a virtual “town-hall” with all his employees to announce the latest quarterly results. A Pharma Product Manager wants to reach the sales team to brief them about the latest trial results of their blockbuster drug. These are just a few examples of situations where you need to reach a large number of participants in a short time.

When reaching a large number of participants, the conferencing requirements change dramatically. The conferencing platform needs to be able to handle several hundred or a thousand participants simultaneously. Your conference provider needs to coordinate with various telecom carriers to ensure adequate capacity is available throughout the network. Most importantly, participants needs to be dialled rapidly, so that they are not kept waiting for a long time before the conference begins.

Your answer is DSNL’s Blast Dial. It can help you address 1000+ conferees, and all it takes is just 3 minutes to connect all of them. More importantly, you could have the services of a dedicated operator, record the conference for posterity, and run a Q&A session at the end of the conference.

The list of people to be called is pre-loaded onto DSNL’s conferencing platform. At the appointed time, an Operator initiates a “Blast”, where participants are dialled in rapid succession – a thousand participants could be dialled in 2-3 minutes – and then placed in the call. The Chairperson can then speak to the participants, and an Operator is standing by to assist with anything, including sequencing the questions during a Q&A session.

DSNL’s Blast Dial services are currently being used by top Securities Companies, MLM distributors, FMCG marketers, Pharmaceutical Corporations, for Investor analyst meets and for Intra-company events.

Few other providers in India can offer large-party conferencing facilities on this scale. Just another example of how DSNL helps you use conferencing to transform your business.



"We have been using your service for the past 4-5 years. Service is excellent. Compared to our competitors I find yours the best, Quality-wise and price wise. I hope to continue the same service at all times."

-VP Sales, India's best large cap Mutual fund Company

"We have done lot of conferencing in the past 4-5 years and so far we have not faced any issues. Conference facility has excellent quality and the support from DSNL is amazing.”

-Research Analyst, India's leading growth equity fund

"You are the best and I have no issue"

-GM, sales, World's leading provider of business software

“Your conferencing services are very user friendly, and are always dependable, and are more than competitive within the current markets."

-CXO, Software Giant

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