DSNL Audio Conferencing Service
Enlarge Efficiency.

Collaboration is a key to doing business today. You can now help your employees collaborate better, without wasting valuable time and money on travel.

DSNL Conferencing support one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many and many-to-one communications. Such conferencing can be enabled for 3, 10, 100 or even a 1,000 participants at the same time.

Conferencing is enabled by connecting the participants to an ‘Integrated Digital Voice Platform’ (IDVP). Participants are connected to their conference call through the regular telephone network (Landline or Mobile). The platform is connected to the Public Telephone Network by a number of special digital lines (PRIs).

While the DSNL Conferencing platform has an extensive set of features, some of the major ones are:

Different access routes

  • Toll free access – We are the only service provider with toll free access from numbers belonging to any operator in India.
  • Domestic toll numbers – we have access numbers in several Indian cities.
  • International numbers – you can access your call through Toll-Free and Toll numbers in over 40 countries around the world.

Different methods of connecting

  • Reservation less conference – DSNL offers true reservation less conferencing – anytime, anywhere across the globe. A user is given a Chairperson and Participant PIN that he/she can circulate at any time to participants.
  • Reserved conference - Conference can be booked via email, or through a self-service web interface. A reserved conference can be one-time, or a recurring conference.

Different reservation formats

  • Dial-in – all participants are given dial-in numbers (these could be in various cities, a nation-wide toll-free, or International Toll Free). They dial the number and enter a unique, secure, PIN number to join the conference. The Chairperson has a separate PIN number to allow him/her to control the conference
  • Dial-out – participants are dialled out by an Operator at the schedule time, and then placed in the call. The Chairperson can be dialled at any point in the sequence.
  • Hybrid – this is where some participants dial into the conference, and some participants are dialled out by the operator.

Any number of participants

  • DSNL can support small conferences with just 2 participants, to calls having 1,000 participants. For larger conferences, an Operator can help the Chairperson moderate the call, and “Ushers” help callers joining the call.
  • Blast dial calls – in these calls, a list of participants is pre-loaded in the DSNL platform, and at the scheduled time, an operator initiates a “blast” where all the participants are dialled in rapid succession. This allows a Chairperson to connect with a large number of participants almost instantaneously, and is useful when disseminating breaking information.

Different conference modes

  • Lecture mode – the Chairperson can speak, but all other participant’s lines are muted to avoid disturbance.
  • Panel mode – the Chairperson and a few selected participants can speak, while all other participants are muted.
  • Interactive mode – all participants can speak.
  • Q&A mode – participants are muted, but can press a set of touch-tone commands to ask a question. An operator will introduce the questioners one-by-one.

No-risk platform

  • For maximum reliability, our conferencing platform is located within the premises of India’s largest telecom carrier. We have redundant facilities to ensure we’re always there to satisfy your conferencing needs.
  • No-risk commercials – you pay for what you use, and our pricing is clear and transparent, with no hidden costs.


"We have been using your service for the past 4-5 years. Service is excellent. Compared to our competitors I find yours the best, Quality-wise and price wise. I hope to continue the same service at all times."

-VP Sales, India's best large cap Mutual fund Company

"We have done lot of conference in the past 4-5 years and so far we have not faced any issues. Conference facility has excellent quality and the support from DSNL is amazing.”

-Research Analyst, India's leading growth equity fund

"You are the best and I have no issue"

-GM, sales, World's leading provider of business software

“Your conferencing services are very user friendly, and are always dependable, and are more than competitive within the current markets."

-CXO, Software Giant


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