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Voice drop controller (VDC)

VDC is an application that can send recorded voice messages to tens of thousands of people within minutes. VDC ensures that your communication reaches all the intended recipients with a 98% success rate. Application can be programmed to collect responses to the messages through DTMF commands. Call completion is high priority and so is feedback. Delivery reports are made available to help you assess the effectiveness of the campaign.

Voice Drop uses an 'advanced dialing technology' to get your message across to a large audience.

Voice Drop Controller

Whilst DSNL can provide the service through one of our operators, it can provide more control to customers so that they can customize their message and upload a list of recipients to send the message to. It can be set up to reduce operator dependency through automatic resource allocation, initialization and control. It also has an authorization process for voice drop execution.

A few instances when you can use voice drop are:
  • Time bound notification of securities trading tips
  • Emergency notifications during a crisis
  • Opinion poll with a large audience
  • Season's greetings during special occasions
  • One-way voice intimation to convey sales target
  • Conference and meeting reminders

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