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Information Dissemination and Response Collection (INDiS)

INDiS is an Intelligence Notification and Dissemination System that can provide critical information to large groups of people in critical times. INDiS helps organization leaders get command of a situation while marshalling resources. As a technology based notification system, it incorporates many layers of call trees – to enable escalation appropriate different layers and grades of people to be reached, when a situation gets larger than expected. INDiS protects the interests of your organization by helping you save lives, property and capital during unexpected situations. It gives your organization the ability to respond to unforeseen changes and circumvent its effects as they occur. It adds an edge and element of surety to contingency planning.

Though the development of INDiS was tailored to assist organizations in facing situations, it is tool that can promote harmony in internal communications. A notification system is effective only if people familiarize themselves with the system so that it can be put to use during times of need. This requires that key departments in an organization use it time and again for internal communication; and the system doubles up as a powerful tool.

INDiS comes with numerous features :
  • Integrated Digital Voice Platform(IDVP)
  • Reach of more than 10,000 people
  • Carrier Redundancy
  • Web console for user end system configuration and usage
  • Security Protocols
  • Professional maintenance
  • Support for multiple forms of communication
  • 24/7/365 operation

INDiS provides customizable Message alerts/Broadcasts to Call Trees. Messages can be customized depending on audience, who may be Employees, Vendors, Transporters, OEMs, Utility services or Other publics. Further, messages can be customized to and structured as per hierarchy and other organizational structures (Call Trees), to adapt to facilitate authority and chain of command.

INDiS can program messaging through different media like :
  • Voice Calls
  • Fax
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Radio Broadcast or
  • Manual Dispatch

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