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  • 1. What equipment do I require to access your service?
    For best results, you should use a touch-tone telephone (one that operates in TONE mode). Nowadays, most corporate telephones and all mobiles operate in this mode.
  • 2. What is Dial - Out & Dial - In?
  • 3. How many people can I speak to at a time in an audio conference?
  • 4. What is a PIN or Passcode?
  • 5. Who is chairperson?
  • 6. Who are participants?
  • 7. What is a Command?
  • 8. How can I get assistance during a conference?
  • 9. How do I mute and un-mute my line during a call?
  • 10. Can the chairperson end the call?
  • 11. How can I change the conference to lecture or listen-only mode?
  • 12. What can I do if there is noise in my conference?
  • 13. What should be done to avoid echoing in the conference call?
  • 14. When I enter my PIN, why does it say “Invalid security code”?
  • 15. What if a person is disconnected during the conference, how does he get back to the
  • 16. Is it possible for participants to continue the conference even after Chairperson has left
        the conference?
  • 17. Is it possible for participants to start the conference even before Chairperson enters
        the conference?
  • 18. Can we increase the number of participants at the last moment? And how many
        participants can we include?
  • 19. Will conference abruptly end at the stipulated or specific time?
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