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Election Monitoring Application (EMA)

PollStar is an innovative and versatile platform for quick and error-free collection of polling statistics from presiding officers in polling booths and for visual presentation of the acquired data for online monitoring and analysis.

When you have tens of thousands of polling booths from where to collect data and present over a live, interactive dashboard, conventional systems fail to deliver. PollStar is designed to meet the twin challenges of efficient collection of data and customised reporting of acquired inputs. The flexible solution supports a wide range of applications and can perform complex data analyses to show results in a variety of visually appealing formats.

Election Monitoring Application

PollStar is delivered to the presiding officers through their smartphones or mobile phones. Smartphone users can use the PollStar App to enter responses to pre-programmed questions asked by the EMA. Both smartphone users and regular phone users can respond to questions over a telephone call by entering DTMF digits. The lists of pre-defined questions and phone numbers of users are loaded into the system. At the desired time, an system event that seeks responses to a particular question is initiated. Inputs received from users are automatically associated with the event in progress. Basic validation of data is carried out to ensure only acceptable values are considered. A computation engine analyses and compiles the received data while a data visualisation engine generates reports that are presented over a web interface.

Data Collection through
  • Dial-out and/or dial-in calls
  • Smartphone app
Data Validation
  • Check for range (“1,000” to “1,999”)
  • Check against pre-set values (“1” or “2”)
Data Presentation
  • Secure webpage with login credentials
  • Graphical and text based representation
  • Geographical map-view of receipt of entries
  • Calculations such as percentage, average, total, difference, etc.
  • Edit option for administrative users
  • Privilege-based access to specific reports

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